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The Beautiful Butterfly Project is a collaboration of individual VOICES who help give insight on how they turned personal TRAUMA into TRIUMPH. But ULTIMATELY how they used it to fuel their PURSUIT of PASSION and PURPOSE. The Beautiful Butterfly Project provides a platform for the host and guests to share their journey and how it has helped them become the person that they were ultimately meant to be. The Beautiful Butterfly Project gives others the courage to share their experiences through the POWER of individuals sharing their own. Host: Necole Turner is an Author and Podcaster. Her motto of “the best thing that we have to offer is the gift of knowledge to all we encounter” is something that applies in her everyday life. Her company “Innovative Butterfly” serves as a creative outlet for her writings and podcast, “The Beautiful Butterfly Project” that helps others develop strategies to empower themselves in life and in business. Affectionately known as ”The Butterfly”, Necole has been a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and presents on topics such as women‘s empowerment, mindfulness and strategic goal setting. Her passion and heart’s mission is to help educate entrepreneurs in business on the many aspects of protecting their work product and brand but most of all she is about ALL THINGS AUTHENTIC!

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